Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Want You for Chorus Breviarii!

Would you like to join Chorus Breviarii? Contact us! All men of good will are welcome to rehearsal, where you'll learn how to sing Gregorian chant. It is easy and no previous musical knowledge is assumed.
We generally meet for rehearsal on Monday night at 19: please contact us beforehand to be sure about the place.
Although only Catholic (i.e. in communion with H.H. Pope Benedict XVI) males are allowed to perform liturgically and to sing in the sanctuary, all others are invited to sing antiphonally from the choir loft or from the pews.
As soon as you can, you should acquire a copy of the Liber Usualis, which is the most complete collection of chants for the Mass and the Office. The reprint of the 1953 edition from St. Bonaventure Press is sold, for example, at this site. The 1962 edition, with the reformed Holy Week, is more valuable but considerably more expensive.
You will also need a cassock and a cotta (a.k.a. surplice). I bought mine from from Catholic Supply: I chose the Toomey brand cassock, which turned out to be adequate. One of us bought the Abbey brand cassock and he's not pleased with it because the snaps tore the fabric. It doesn't make sense to buy a more expensive cassock. Bottom line, I recommend the following:

Item #600 Black Cassock

Item #890 Square Neck Surplice

Choose the size according to your height. Catholic Supplies shows the length of the garment: measure yourself from the base of the neck to the floor and subtract three inches.

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