Friday, June 14, 2024

Mail from London

Yesterday, we received a package from our Brethren in London, including commemorative holy cards for this year's Philipmas celebrations.

Monday, May 27, 2024

Better futures for Philipmas

Buona Festa!

With the Octave of Pentecost complete and Trinity Sunday falling on our holy founder's dies natalis, today is celebrated the transferred Solemnity of our beloved St. Philip, who was truly filled with the gifts of the same Holy Ghost we celebrated over the past week. With the unjust restrictions on the traditional rites in our diocese, openly celebrating Philiptide with the bare minimum of either Vespers or St. Philip's distinctive Oratorian Mass has become very difficult. We look forward to the day that we are once again able to celebrate our founder's cheer and spirituality with events like Musical Oratory, Solemn Vespers, and the celebration of Mass, even at St. Joseph's Cathedral.

Here are some links below showcasing some previous activities during both Philiptide and other Oratorian Weeks.

+ I.D.S.P.N.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Two Dioceses, Two Levels of Awareness

We would have you know that the presence of green altar cloths, green commercial sanctuary banners, and other green Novus Ordo decorations at this year's Whitsun Vespers were not a generous nod to the vestments that would be used for Pentecost at the yet-to-be-built Ukrainian Catholic Church down the road in Santee. More likely, as we wrote on Instagram, it would appear that the army of parish decorators immediately set up for the Feast of the Tears of Paul VI immediately following the conclusion of the 10AM Mass. Perhaps they were more eager to say "come untimely green" rather than "come Holy Ghost." After all, it removes the need for the parish decorators to have to go back to church on Monday. Fratellino, who provided the images here, has his own comment below.

From Fratellino:

Veni Creator Spiritus. Pentecost has come at last. Full Masses at Holy Martyrs, Murrieta; and Vespers at Guardian Angels, Santee, where exactly one person (NOT a parishioner) bothered to attend. What a difference a diocese makes!

Friday, May 17, 2024

Novena to St. Philip 2024

The Novena to St. Philip in anticipation of his feast begins today.

We here in San Diego use the version provided on Liturgia Latina linked below.

Novena of St. Philip Neri by St. John Henry Cardinal Newman

Note that because the normal date for Philipmas coincides with Trinity Sunday this year, the various Oratories will be celebrating his solemnities on May 27, rather than May 26.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sunday May 19: 2nd Vespers of Pentecost Sunday


Descent of the Holy Ghost
Anonymous Hungarian, 1510

Sunday, May 19, 16:00 (4:00 PM)
Fr. Ramos has welcomed us again for the celebration of Vespers in Santee. This coming Sunday we will be celebrating the arrival of the Holy Ghost promised by Our Lord before His Ascension into heaven. Please join us in Santee to listen to and celebrate the glorious Feast of Pentecost in the universal tongue of the Latin Church.

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Throwback to a 2008 San Diego Brother

Those who keep up with New Liturgical Movement may have seen that our Brother Robert Keim has been welcomed as a new member of NLM's writing staff. Congratulations to him!

Frater Robert was part of the group of Brothers admitted to the Oratory in 2008, the others being the late John J. Velasco, his son Christopher, Wayne Lam, Richard Dawes, and George Pecoraro. 

Frater Robert reading from
Fr. Bacci's life of St. Philip in a
 Precious Blood robe.

It seems that all our articles that mention him are nearly 15 years old or older! There are some great photos included, so we encourage you to take a look.
Additionally, Frater Robert accompanied Fratellino and Frater Richard to sing for a Solemn High Mass in Orange County over a decade ago.

St. John the Evangelist, Costa Mesa, 2013

For those interested in Mr. Keim's first few articles from New Liturgical Movement, we have them linked below.

Additionally, he is one of the twenty-six authors included in Dr. Peter Kwasniewski's book Ultramontanism and Tradition: The Role of Papal Authority in the Catholic Faith, with some of the other authors including Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider, and Dr. Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society, as well as fellow Southern Californians Dr. Ed Feser and Charles A. Coulombe. Dr. Kwasniewski has information on the book here.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wednesday May 8: 1st Vespers of the Ascension

Ludovico Carracci - Ascensione
Ludovico Carracci (1555-1619)
The Ascension (1597)

Wednesday, May 8, 19:30 (7:30 PM)

First Vespers of the Ascension
w/ Benediction
Hebdomadary: Rev. Fr. Jesus Valenzuela, F.S.S.P.

Next week, the Brothers will celebrate the conclusion of Our Lord's forty days walking among the disciples after His Resurrection with Sung Vespers and Benediction at St. Anne Catholic Church. This event is sponsored by the parish's young adult group. Come join us!