Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 26: Mass of St. Stephen Protomartyr

Martyrdom of St. Stephen,1560, Giorgio Vasari 

Wednesday, December 26, 12 (noon)


for the Feast of St. Stephen Protomartyr

Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Federico Masutti, F.S.S.P.

Please come and join us on St. Stephen's Day (December 26) at noon at St. John of the Cross in Lemon Grove. Fr. Masutti will celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and the brothers will serve at the altar and sing Gregorian chants for the ordinary and propers. A very Happy Christmas to all our friends and benefactors!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Brothers and Mystic Monk (Coffee!!)

Being ourselves a non-profit organization, the Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego are now affiliated vendors of Mystic Monk Coffee, the coffee produced by the traditionalist Wyoming Carmelites who have created a business with which to fund their proposed monastic buildings, a wholly noble and worthy cause, and one which the Brothers are happy to support.

Buying the Mystic Monks' very reasonably priced, some organic and fair-trade, but all expertly roasted coffees (at the monastery itself!) also serves to help fund the Brothers' liturgical apostolate right here in San Diego, as we benefit generously by earning a significant refund on each order processed through our link. You, your friends, or your organization will not pay anything extra for us to receive our refund, and will doubtless enjoy this excellent coffee all the more, for having contributed to the maintenance of both the Wyoming Carmelites AND the Brothers in San Diego!

"So, what," you ask, "will my caffeinated patronage avail me, or the Brothers, or for that matter, my city at large?" Well, would you like to hear more expertly sung polyphonic music at traditional masses? Buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Brothers' link, and you can help us make that happen!

Want to see five identical copes in one place for Solemn Vespers? Buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Brothers link and you can help us make that happen (here)!

Want to see the full establishment of a Congregation of the Oratory in San Diego? Buy a WHOLE LOTTA COFFEE through the Brothers' link...drink it...then buy some more! Repeat purchasing process ad infinitum. Your purchase, and your prayers, will help make that happen (right here!)!

We would remind you that the Brothers don't have a payroll, all of the money we raise goes back into funding music and divine worship in the ethos an spirit of the Oratory and St. Philip Neri, and to satisfying the necessary requirements of both. Our own worship and the logistical effort that goes into it is purely voluntary, always has been, and always will be. So we see this as a win-win situation for everyone concerned, and hope that you will help to spread our net so that many coffee-beans, and orders for them, will fall into it.

The Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego are very proud and excited to be affiliated non-profit vendors of Mystic Monk Coffee. Click our link ABOVE AND ON THE RIGHT to order now!