Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Oratorian Brothers for San Diego

This post is being written on the first day of a new era in the religious history of San Diego. There is a new congregation in town, and this blog will be an introduction to the men of whom it is composed, and the background of their institution, the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, the Saint of a Joyful Heart, and the second Apostle of Rome. The Oratorian institute which now exists in San Diego is composed of Secular Brothers (which state is like being a tertiary, but without vows). We do not yet have priests of the Congregation here in San Diego, but it is our hope that someday we may be in a position to invite them to make a foundation. Still, every one of the San Diego Brothers has made the effort to go to London and become affiliated to our Mother House, the Brompton Oratory. Such journeys are no small underaking, and such effort prompted by devotion merits our full recognition.

The first Brother for San Diego was admitted to the London chapter in 2001, and was followed by four more over the next seven years. But on Sunday 20 October 2008, no fewer than six San Diegans were admitted to the London Brothers, in a ceremony during the Exercizes of the Oratory, following Sunday Vespers in which two San Diegans (already admitted) sat in choir. This brings the community now in San Diego up to a full eleven, counting one Brother who recently moved his family to Kansas, but who is still part of our community. Further, counting, one indespensible brother who is in law school in Cincinnatti but who is often to be seen in San Diego, we are a full dozen, which we would like to take to be a propitious sign.

Our mother-house, the London Oratory, was founded by Fr. William Frederick Faber, an early desciple of Cardinal Newman, and the writer of many famous Catholic hymns, the most famous being "Faith of our Fathers." St. Philip's Oratory is both a place and a set of spiritual exercizes or practices, which will be detailed in this blog as time goes on. For now, consider this a very brief introduction to a new community, effectively a Secular Oratory of St. Philip Neri, composed of San Diegans, who are Brothers of the London House, living in San Diego, and worshipping God as a community. It has been a seven year formational process to realize this community, and it is a deep pleasure to recognize it as such. Deo Gratias.

Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego are:

John Polhamus admitted 2001
Ronald Clemente 2005
Thomas Gray 2006
David Latorre 2006
Roberto Lionello 2007
John Velasco 2008
Christopher Velasco 2008
Richard Dawes 2008
George Pecoraro 2008
Wayne Lam 2008
Robert Keim 2008


the chief said...

Actually, Brother David and myself were invested on January 29th, 2006 vice 2005.

Tom Gray

bedwere said...

I corrected your date, Chief, and mine also.

Fratellino said...

Sorry gents, I was working from memory!