Friday, March 21, 2008

Trailer of the November Pontifical Requiem

Although the memory of the Tenebrae service is still fresh in our mind, let us step back and remember the November Pontifical Requiem the Brothers of the Little Oratory and Chorus Breviarii served for: we have now a preliminary video with the Introit and Kyrie available on YouTube.

About seventy-five persons attended the Requiem that Saturday morning, but viewers may note that no one is to be seen in the seats immediately around the catafalque. This is because at that time the front-third of the pews of St. John's were out for restoration, their place being taken by about 100 folding chairs. It somehow transpired that all of those in attendance gravitated naturally to the remaining pews, and so were seated beyond the view of the camera in the choirloft. Rest assured, there WAS a congregation.

In another note, three Byzantine Catholic monks are to be seen in the sanctuary. There are from Holy Ressurection Monastery in Barstow, and included their abbot. Roberto Lionello had been on retreat in their abbey, as had Bishop Cordileone, and these holy monks drove all the way down from Barstow, over three hours, just to sit in choir. We were honoured indeed to worship in their company.

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