Thursday, November 27, 2008

Befitting Conclusion of a Splendid Liturgical Weekend

After serving and singing for the Pontifical Requiem Mass on Friday, the Brothers of the Little Oratory concluded the weekend by celebrating Vespers at St. Anne's on Sunday, Nov. 23 (last Sunday after Pentecost). Hebdomadary was the parish pastor, Fr. Carl Gismondi, F.S.S.P. , to whom we are grateful for his availability and kindness. Fr. John Lyons, O.M.V. sat also in choir. With the exception of the two priests, all in choirs were Brothers of the Little Oratory, wearing the white Philippine collars around their necks. The seventh brother, our very own Fratellino, was busy in the choir loft playing the organ. Immediately following the ceremony, the Brothers prayed the Exercises for Sunday. We thank Ms. Rachel Gray for graciously sending us photographs of the event.

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