Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mass of St. Wenceslaus and Vestments

The Mass "In virtute" for the Feast of St. Wenceslaus was sung on Monday evening, 28 September in St. Augustine's Monastery Chapel, with approximately 25 persons attending. Fr. Harry Neely O.S.A. celebrated the mass in the Extraordinary Form, and a choir of Brothers of the LIttle Oratory in San Diego provided the chant propers and ordinary. Fr. Federico Masutti F.S.S.P. graciously loaned his personal red vestment set, an antique set made in Argentina.

The Brothers posess both a white and a black set of Roman Vestments, but are in need of green, violet, rose and gold sets. If you are interested in donating a mass set for the convenience of our chaplains and the dignity of the liturgy, please contact us through this site, or call John Polhamus at 858 997 8636. Any donation towards the purchase of vestments would be gratefully accepted, and well employed ad majorem Dei gloriam.

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Donations to the brothers are tax deductible