Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gregorian Chant Mass: Saturday, Feb. 12

The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Seven Holy Founders, Luigi Crespi (Bologna, 1709-1779)

Saturday, February 12, 10:00
Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form
for the Feast of the Seven Holy Founders
of the Order of the Servites

Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Harry Neely, O.S.A.

Donations will benefit St. Augustine Monastery

Please join us at St. Augustine Monastery chapel for a Traditional Latin Mass sung in Gregorian chant in honor of the Holy Founders of the Order of the Servites: Let us now praise men of renown and our fathers in their generation. (Eccl. 44:1) This event is free, but donation will benefit St. Augustine Monastery.


Vaticanguard said...

Nice art work selection. I like the little cherub holding the Servite monogram.

bedwere said...

Thanks, Frater. It wasn't easy to find because there aren't many around and I didn't want to select the same as last year.