Friday, August 23, 2013

The Pax-brede in the Liturgy

As mentioned in a previous post, the Brothers recently acquired a set of Pax-bredes for use during liturgies and Spiritual Exercises.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia on we learn the following about the Pax-brede or, simply, Pax…

“…in about the twelfth or thirteenth century the use of the instrumentum pacis, or osculatorium, known in English as the "pax-board" or "pax-brede", was gradually introduced. This was a little plaque of metal, ivory, or wood, generally decorated with some pious carving and provided with a handle, which was first brought to the altar for the celebrant to kiss at the proper place in the Mass and then brought to each of the congregation in turn at the altar rails.”

In Oratorian liturgical life, the Pax is exchanged on various occasions during the Oratory (spiritual exercises) and is administered by either the Festal or Ferial Sacristans. According to the Manual of the Little Oratory, during Sunday afternoon Oratories, the Pax is exchanged during supplication to Our Lord to give us perseverance in His holy service. And again on Friday evenings, the Pax is exchanged during the Nunc dimittis Canticle at the verse "Lumen ad revelationem gentium...".
The Brother's set of Pax-bredes was silver-plated by a local bronzer. (Patty-Cakes Hand & Foot Impressions, 2550 Freshwater Ct., Spring Valley, CA 91978, 1 (619) 660-8710.)

The Brothers plan to have the Paxes blessed later this season, before employing them in liturgical use.


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