Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Images of Vespers and Video

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Musical highlights included:
Office hymn "Pangamus Nerio," (by William Sewell, 1895, Birmingham Oratory) arranged in F by Brother's Musical Director, J. B. Polhamus, at 22:42;
Francesco Soriano's Magnificat Primi Toni at 28:35;
Polhamus' Tantum Ergo at 49:00;
Felice Anerio's Salve Regina at 1:01:05;
and the Brothers' hymn, The Little Oratory in London, 1:05:15, with descant by JBP.
Special thanks to Bonnie Lander, Martha Jane Weaver, and Richard Dawes, for making up the vocal quartet with the Musical Director.

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Certified HRA said...

Dear Oratorians:
I recommend:
1) no organ
2) if organ, one quiet 8 foot stop

Martin Brown
retired organist, lover of good liturgy