Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video on Solemn Vespers

Here is the whole Vespers of the 9th Sunday after Pentecost, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.You can also find it on my YouTube page, but I think it is nicer to watch it here through these embedded viewers.

From Deus in adjutorium to the end of Psalm 110.

Psalms 111 and 112

Psalm 113 and Little Chapter

Hymn: Lucis Creator optime (by Tomás Luis de Victoria)

Magnificat (by Hernando Franco): first part

Magnificat (by Hernando Franco): second part

Benediction: first part: Ave verum corpus, by William Byrd

Benediction: second part: Tantum Ergo for organ and unison soprani by John Polhamus (2006)

Procession to the altar of Our Lady and Salve Regina.


Old Believer said...

Why is the bishop wearing a mantelletta and not a mozzeta?

Fratellino said...

Because he was not pontificating, only sitting in choir. It is the proper choir dress for him according to the liturgical books now reintroduced.

Old Believer said...


That is an interesting interpretation that the reforms to prelatial dress made by Paul VI are not to be followed when using the 1962 liturgical books.

In contrast to your interpretation I am sure you have seen the photographs of the Pontifical Mass celebrated by H.E. Dario Cardinal Castillon-Hoyos at Westminster Cathedral in London. The Cardinal processed into the Cathedral wearing post-1968 prelatial choir dress.

Personally, I would much prefer your interpretation but would doubt if the Roman authorities would agree.

Fratellino said...

Well, perhaps you're right, but happily the matter didn't rest on my interpretation:-)