Friday, September 19, 2008

Mere coincidence...or....?!

Last Monday was our 2nd in the fall series of regular Monday night chant rehearsals at St. John the Evangelist in Normal Heights, San Diego. At the break, as we stood at the tailgate of George Pecoraro's pickup truck, John T. Velasco produced an amusing and highly coincidental "fortune" which emerged from lunchtime excursion to a chinese restaurant. Considering that we were within 24 hours of the full moon, we all found it very...illuminating!

Later, we were joined by the recently arrived Fr. Carl Gismondi, F.S.S.P., for liturgical compline. The Brothers of the Little Oratory take this opportunity to welcome Fr. Gismondi to San Diego, and wish him a long and fruitful ministry among us.


DG said...

Is this the same Fr. Gismondi mentioned here?

Also: when you say "long and fruitful ministry among us", do you mean to say he'll be in San Diego for some extended time? This is wonderful news, if true, to have an FSSP presence locally.

bedwere said...

He is the man. The difference between Fr. Gismondi and Chuck Norris is that Chuck cannot do a roundhouse kick wearing a cassock! :-)