Monday, November 26, 2007

Before and After the Requiem

Here are some photos that Wayne sent me. You can find them all in this album.
On the evening before the brothers met to prepare things in the sacristy of St. John's:

Before singing Vespers and Matins, they went out for dinner.

Frater David lights the candles before service.

It was quite a night!

In the morning we returned to sing Lauds:

Wayne mastering the details of the ceremony:

The ceremonieri: Ashley the Impeccable and John the Maestro:

Cope and maniples:

The altar:

His Excellency arrives:

H.E. with Fr. Archimandrite Nicholas (left), Br. John, and Fr. Deacon Moses of Holy Resurrection Monastery during the reception after Mass.

Sub tuum praesidium:

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