Friday, November 30, 2007

On the Bishop's Mantelletta

Some self-appointed expert on the blogosphere criticized Bp. Cordileone for wearing the mantelletta as part of the ceremonies preceding the pontifical Requiem he graciously celebrated on Nov. 17 (the mantelletta was abolished for cardinals and bishops in 1969). Fr. Burt Boudoin spoke with His Excellency and here's what he wrote in a comment box:

After speaking to Bishop Cordileone, I can report that he makes the following points:

1) the Pontifical Mass of the traditional rite requires the solemn vesting of the bishop before the altar as part of the pre-ceremonies of the liturgy, to which the bishop arrives at the church or chapel in proper choir dress...
2) the proper choir dress for an auxiliary bishop (1962 rubrics) -- Bishop Cordileone's present status -- includes the mantelletta rather than the mozzetta, which was considered to indicate the jurisdiction of an ordinary.

Obviously, we do not have here an instance of disobedience to current rules of eccl. vesture. Rather, until and if, the Commission of Eccl. Dei makes comment on the question, we have perfect adherence to a principle of the Motu Proprio of the Holy Father, that the old and present rites are not to be mixed...

Most importantly, the Mass was a beautiful example of the liturgical restoration underway... with Gregorian chant that bespoke of the glory of God and the legacy of the Roman tradition.

Thank you, Fr. Burt!

H.E. sporting the mantelletta.

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