Friday, February 29, 2008

More Photographs from London Admissions Day for San Diego Brothers 20/1/08

During the nine day trip to London, each of the nine persons in the group took somewhere around 300 photographs, for a grand total of approximately 2700 trip photos...which are going to take some time to sort out! So Brothers, and reader, bear with us while they trickle in (it is hoped to have the group picture party on the 2nd Monday after Easter, 31/3/08 - stay tuned for more information).

But for now a couple of more pictures from our glorious San Diego Admissions Day. In the first photo, taken (unusually) during Brother's Exercizes in the Little Oratory, the new brothers are blessed with the relic of St. Philip by Fr. Ronald Creighton Jobe, reverently assisted by London Brother James Cross. In the second, father-and-son Brothers John and Christopher Velasco stand for a portrait in the ornate nave of the Little Oratory, following their admission. Well done, John and Chris!

Brompton's "Little Oratory" (across the courtyard from the main church) has just undergone a complete cleaning and restoration, and is truly one of London's special interiors, the more so for being much less seen than other churches, and will be the subject of a photo-essay at a future date.

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