Friday, February 29, 2008

Oratorian Collars presented to New Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego

One of the distinctive features of the Oratorian Secular vocation is the permission to wear the Oratorian habit while in service on the sanctuary. This includes the traditional Roman-style cassock which is fastened across the breast with a series of buttons running from the upper left-chest to the lower right waist, and the fascia, with proper Oratorian tassles usually only available from Gamarelli's in Rome (we're still working on that part - cinctures mostly suffice for now!). But the most distinctive part of the habit is the Oratorian collar, which overlaps the raised collar of the cassock, and is separated in front.

With six new brothers admitted to the Little Oratory this past January, and given our distance in San Diego from the mother house in London, it is desirable that we should become self sufficient in such eccoutrament, and a tailor has been found to make Oratorian collars locally. The first lot of fourteen collars was expertly sewn by La Mesa Tailors in Linda Vista from 1 yard of 100% linen fabric. These particular collars bear the four folds identifying the London Oratory in particular, which folds can be seen in the top photograph. St. Philip can be seen wearing the primitive Roman collar, which was originally the out-turned collar of the shirt worn under cassock. Over time it has been somewhat reduced, and its folds have come to represent the identy of particular Oratories around the world.

The presentation of collars began on Monday 25 February, 2008, with George Pecoraro,

(a member of the community since its proto-inception in 2001), and Richard Dawes, a member since September 2007,

both receiving their Oratorian collars from founding organizer John Polhamus. It is indeed a proud achievement, especially for seven-year veterans George Pecoraro and John Velasco, for these brothers to have finally achieved the fullness of the Oratorian secular vocation over such a length of time, and over such great distance. But such is the zeal fostered by our Saint, both for God, and for His church. Other presentation photographs will follow in due course, but congratulations to those members presented to date.

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