Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Romanita returns to Rome

On a light note, Our Holy Father St. Philip Neri (pictured centre, between St. Charles Borromeo and Pope Benedict XVI) turned up in the Blogosphere today, in an illustration comparing the Borromean chasuble in which he is usually depicted, and the one worn by the Holy Father today in his Ash Wednesday procession and Mass. To quote Shawn Tribe of the blog "New Liturgical Movement, The style of the chasuble seems to fit the guidelines issued by St. Charles Borromeo, with the sleeves not being as long as the full flowing form, but not as short as the more typical baroque form of the Roman chasuble.

What the Pope was wearing today is very much akin to what we have seen St. Ignatius or Loyola or St. Philip Neri pictured in." One might describe this cut of chasuble as a hybrid of the Roman fiddleback, and the semi-gothic (short, with long sleves). Mere coincidence that the Holy Father would revive the use of St. Philip's style...or is it?!?

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