Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Reflections - The Fourth Week of Advent: Come, Lord Jesus

The Concert of Angels [detail] ~ 1534-1536
Fresco by Gaudenzio Ferrari

Continuation from the 2006 EWTN program series... 

The Fourth Week of Advent: Come, Lord Jesus 
Host - Fr. Ronald Creighton-Jobe, Cong. Orat. (Father Prefect of the Brothers)

Listen here: Link to EWTN mp3 program (please excuse the intermittent gaps of silence in the original programming to allow for commercial spots)

Fr. Creighton-Jobe describes the redemption Christ came to bring to his people on Earth as the unbounded action of a personal God who created human beings out of love and for love. The glory of God is man “fully alive,” that is, acting on his capacity to respond, giving a fitting return to God’s love.

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