Friday, August 1, 2008

How rumours get started...and ended!

"Zelus domus tuae..."
Just yesterday one of the Brothers brought to my attention a post on a web forum called Angelqueen, about which I confess I know very little. Nevertheless, the posting contained speculation about the future of the bishopric in San Diego, and some wildly inaccurate information about the nature of the Oratorian presence here as well. I don't for a moment think that there is any particular import or likelihood of consequence arising from this misinformation, but it's a good example of how a rumour or misperception gets started, so I thought I would quote it here, and supply my clarifying response which I also posted to Angelqueen (my first ever posting there), just to be absolutely clear, and for the sake of those who might encounter this blog first and the Angelqueen postings later. Herewith:

"...Bishop Cordileone is a big friend of Tradition, has said the Latin Mass a few times and regularly joins the San Diego Latin Mass community for traditional vespers, once coming the day before for the 3 hour practice. What is also interesting is that 10 members of the London Brompton Oratory have relocated to San Diego to set up an Oratory there when the change occurs."

In the first place, to describe Bishop Cordileone as a "big friend" makes him sound somewhat thuggish (which he certainly is not!), and further the Bishop did not join the "Latin Mass community" for Vespers, he has joined the Brothers of the Little Oratory for vespers on three occasions (for which we are most grateful, and this has been so because it has been the Brothers and none other who have advanced this particular apostolate (the traditional liturgical office) and made such occasions possible. This clarification in their defense is warranted by the Brother's work and accomplishment as a result of perseverance. Here, then was my response to this posting written in all good will, I believe, by someone outside the area who is really not familiar with the local situation.

"It it true that there is already an Oratorian group in San Diego, however it is inaccurate to say that ten members of the London Oratory have relocated there to make a religious foundation if Bp. Cordileone were to become the Ordinary. The case is that since 2002, ten San Diegans, and an Orange Countian have gone to London and been made Secular Brothers of the Little Oratory at London, most recently six new brothers being received in January of this year. These members and postulants of the Secular Oratory meet regularly for the Oratorian Exercises, and have been the group which has reintroduced the liturgical office to the Diocese of San Diego, having now recorded eight annual Tenebraes, Pontifical Terce, Pontifical Vespers twice with Bp. Cordileone, a Pontifical Requiem, Monthly Vespers through the year, weekly Compline, and missionary trips to sing for and serve masses in Tijuana, Mexico, Orange County and the Imperial Valley. They hope someday to form the pretext for an Oratorian foundation in this city, and are beginning to undertake a charitable apostolate at the advice of their chaplain and clerical superiors.

The Brothers recently sang the first Sunday Vespers in St. Joseph's Cathedral in forty years, and further information including photos and video is available on the Brother's Blog at..."

Perhaps I'm being overly particular as a result of not being used to being speculated about (as an Oratorian Brother), but if I have been overzealous, it has only been for the sake of the truth in this matter. No harm done on either part, I trust.

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